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Super Bowl XLIX is here which is an exciting time of the year as we get to see the best NFL teams of the season go head to head for the title but at the same time, it means that the NFL season is over.

This year’s Las Vegas early line was a definite screw up on their part as most books had the Seattle Seahawks as the clear favorite giving them a spread of -2 to -3.

Once I saw that I put some big money on the Patriots for several reasons:

  1. Historically, its pretty rare for an NFL team to win back-to-back SuperBowl.  The last one took place 10 years ago with the Patriots.
  2. Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, was struggling during the Playoffs and unless he can get it together by SuperBowl time, the Patriots will take it.
  3.  The Patriots are in tip top shape and ready to win as seen last Sunday when they destroyed the Broncos 45-7
  4. Sherman has an injured arm
  5. The Patriots have Tom Brady!

Last night, I checked the lines and I saw that every major book out there had changed their likes to PK and then switched to a line that favored the Patriots running from 2-5 points.

Here are some of the Super Bowl Betting Odds so far(just keep in mind that the odds will change a lot until Super Bowl time!)

Sportsbook  Team Spread   Total   Money Line
1Vice Patriots     -2.5 -105      o49 -105        -150
Seahawks       2.5 -105      u49 -105    +130
BetOnline Patriots     -1 -110      o48 -110        -116
Seahawks      +1 -110      u48 -110    +104