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The Chinese multi-goal social media, messaging and mobile payment application WeChat has revealed that it would cease supporting cryptocurrency payments. The operator in addition created it clear that it does not help online gambling and promoting pornography.

As revealed by WeChat, cryptocurrency payments will no longer be out there from May well 31st, 2019.

The policy adjust was confirmed by a single of the crypto investment firm Primitive’s founding partners, Dovey Wan, in a tweet on May well 7th. A screenshot of the policy adjustments was displayed in the tweet, from which it became clear that the platform’s customers engaged in cryptocurrency trading will see their WeChat accounts terminated. Apart from that, it also became clear that the updated policy of the platform openly warns its customers against any promotion of online gambling solutions, as nicely as against any pornography sale or sharing.

Wan shared a concern that the move could have a severe influence on the neighborhood liquidity of WeChat to a considerable extent since of the truth that most more than-the-counter transactions are at present getting carried out on the platform. To date, WeChat is a extensively-utilised payment service and messaging provider in the nation, as it also options some game integrations. Beneath the updated guidelines, merchants might not engage in unlawful transactions such as virtual currency, advertising online gambling, promoting pornography and the issuance of tokens.

New Policy With regards to Cryptocurrency and Online Gambling Would Not Be All Undesirable

The new update is set to influence corporate customers and merchants only, and not retail customers. As the text of the announcement reads, such customers will no additional be permitted to engage in Online sales lottery platforms, online gambling, illegal foreign exchange, unlawful securities, valuable metals investment trading platforms, pornographic platforms.

Of course, the reactions to Wan’s tweet came flooding. Changpeng Zhao, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Binance, a big cryptocurrency exchange, has shared that in his opinion, the new restrictions have been forcibly brought on the business. According to him, the policy upgrade was anticipated to have a lengthy term acquire, in spite of the truth it was inconvenient for persons in the brief term. He explained that the step would be the sort of restriction of freedom that would push persons to use cryptocurrency in the lengthy term.

Not too long ago, all kinds of poker video games have been suspended by Chinese authorities. The nation had also been rather strict about producing confident that no type of gambling is permitted, apart from the ones permitted in the specific regions. For the time getting, gambling is forbidden in mainland China, like Mahjong-connected video games and poker.

In addition, the country’s authorities have taken a strict strategy to ICOs, STOs and mining lately. Cryptocurrency mining is totally banned in China for the time getting, whilst ICOs and STOs have been described as solicited illegal monetary activities.