What’s an excellent place to begin if I am eager about a little bit of MTT teaching? I’ve had some first rate success at low stakes MTTs over the previous couple of years however I nonetheless really feel like a little bit of a fish. I need to plug some leaks, establish key areas to work on, and possibly transfer as much as increased stakes. I haven’t got a ton of time to spend on coaching supplies with a day job that additionally consumes loads of my free time (and little interest in full-time poker), so I really feel like some extra focused teaching can be a greater funding than a library of charts and video materials I will by no means have time to correctly examine.

I’ve discovered Gareth James’ MTT Poker College, which has an excellent introductory price for a primary time session and affordable charges afterwards. Any ideas on that? Anything I ought to take a look at that does not price an arm and a leg?

One concern I’ve is that almost all of my play is on websites that do not let me export hand histories (Unibet and Sky), which I’d think about is the place most teaching begins. Is my ROI going to be considerably diminished with out some histories to share with a coach? Ought to I get some play in on Stars first simply to have hand histories to take a look at?